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Most Effective Hand Mudras To Get Rid Of Acidity

Most Effective Hand Mudras To Get Rid Of Acidity

Most Effective Hand Mudras To Get Rid Of Acidity

We often face different stomach issues due to acidity.

Now, acidity is a symptom of irregular meal times and consuming unhealthy food.

In this article, you are going to know the most effective hand mudras to get rid of acidity.

Regardless of age, acidity is an issue with children, adults, and old-aged people. 

Initially, the burning sensation in the chest occurs and gradually occupies the stomach part further.

Thus, we must treat the unusual pain in the chest and stomach at the primary stage to avoid severe circumstances.

Meanwhile, yoga mudras are robust and holistic solutions to various physical and mental problems occurring in our bodies.

It’s even more surprising that we hold the solutions to such physical problems nowhere else but in our hands.

Well, the five fingers represent the five elements of the Earth:

  • The thumb stands for Fire
  • The index finger for air
  • The middle finger for Space
  • The ring finger for Earth
  • The little finger for Water.

Hence, specific yoga mudras with our magical five fingers will serve the purpose.

Wonder how it works? Read on.

There are five basic and easy-to-do mudras for indigestion and acidity issues:

Varun Mudra is a boon for acidity-related issues as its basis is the reducing excess water element responsible for the formation of bitter acid. 

Steps to perform Varun Yoga

  • Sit straight on a chair or floor and extend your hands to your thighs.
  • Next, bend your little finger and rest your thumb on its top, thus exerting gentle pressure.
  • Extend your rest three fingers in a straight position.
  • You must make the same position with both hands and rest them on your thighs.
  • Hold this position of hands for 15-20 mins.

You may repeat the same posture 2-3 times a day.

Most effective hand mudras for acidity  – Vayu Mudra

Most Effective Hand Mudras To Get Rid Of Acidity VAYU Mudra

Vayu refers to unwanted air or gas. And thus, Vayu Mudra helps you release gastric problems effortlessly. The position of Vayu Mudra ceases the excess unwanted air in our digestive system.

Steps to perform Vayu Mudra

  • Stretch your thumb and index finger.
  • Now, bend your index finger and slowly press the second phalanx of your index finger by the tip of your thumb.
  • Stretch the rest three fingers forward.
  • Placing your hands on your thighs will help.
  • Hold the position or mudra for at least 10 minutes.

Repeat the process daily in the morning and evening.

Apana Vayu Mudra

Apana Vayu Mudra

Apana Vayu Mudra is a pose especially for heartburn due to gastric issues. And thus, it is also called Mrit Sanjeevani Mudra. The Apana Vayu mudra diminishes the burning sensation of your heart, thus leaving you relieved and relaxed.


Steps to perform Apana Vayu Mudra

  • Start bending your index finger to touch the base of your thumb
  • Now, bring your middle finger and little finger together and gently press the tip of your thumb with both of them.
  • Stretch your little finger.
  • Perform the mudra with both hands and let them rest on your kneecap
  • Meanwhile, concentrate on your heart chakra with your eyes closed.

Samana Mudra is one of the most effective hand mudras to get rid of acidity

Samaan mudra is very helpful in gastric and indigestion issues. 

Now, we are aware that all the fingers refer to different energies in our bodies. 

Thus, bringing all the fingers together will lead you towards relaxation and then direct the same towards the heart or navel region. 

Let’s know how it works:

Steps to perform Samaan mudra

  • Sit straight, i.e., in the same position as Vajrasana.
  • Bring your hands to your abdomen, facing down on the navel.
  • Next, take your hands off and bring all the five fingers together to the navel side.
  • Sit and hold the position of hands for 10 minutes.

Pushan Mudra

Most Effective Hand Mudras To Get Rid Of Acidity Pushan Mudra

Pushan Mudra in Sanskrit stands for “one who nourishes” or the ” gesture of digestion.” 

It is associated with relief from gastric issues, constipation, and flatulence.

Unlike other mudras, Pushan mudra is the way to perform two different poses with two extra hands.

The right-hand mudra represents the receptive position while the left-hand represents the eliminative position.

Steps to perform Pushan mudra

  • Sit comfortably in a cross-legged or lotus position.
  • Place both of your hands on the thighs, facing upwards.
  • Allow the arms and shoulders to relax.
  • Sit straight with your spine tall.
  • Outstretch the pinky and ring fingers of your right hand.
  • Press the tips of your thumb, forefinger, and middle fingers together.
  • Now, with your left hand, outstretch your pointer and pinky fingers.
  • Bring the tips of your thumb, middle, and ring fingers together.

This mudra relieves gastric issues when performed 10-15 minutes a day after a heavy meal.

Practicing the hand mudra will cure acidity and increase your digestion power.

The daily indigestion problems in our regular day-to-day unhealthy routine are a significant cause of concern.

We opt to eliminate these problems through various prescriptions that may often be fatal to us.

Instead, we must learn to practice the mudras mentioned above, which are pretty straightforward and helpful without any side effects.

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