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Top 10 Summer Destinations To Visit In India

Top 10 summer destinations to visit in India

Top 10 Summer Destinations To Visit In India

Our mighty hot ball of fire, i.e., the sun, is here with its tremendous heat. Yes, the summer has arrived and is about to reach its peak. Meanwhile, we have hills, mountains, exotic forests, beaches, rivers, and other options to escape this scorching heat. You only need to have some vacation time with your friends and family to enjoy these places and play hide and seek from the mighty sun.

Here is the list of top 10 summer destinations to visit in India, the places that you must add to your bucket list. You must be aware of some of them. Let’s discuss some more for your vacations to be delightful and mesmerizing.

Every place on the Earth is either famous for its weather or some history. And this particular aspect adds a spark to the tourists visiting the site. Let’s have a look at the list:

Top Summer Destinations in India Shimla

There is a specific reason why Shimla is known as the ‘queen of hill stations.’ 

Shimla is one of the most famous tourist destinations that captures Indian beauty with British history. If you’re in a relaxing mood, Shimla must be occupying a space in your list of places to visit in India. It’s quite a romantic place to stay for the couples out there.

Average budget:

Rs 7,000- 10,000 per person

How to reach Shimla:

  • Airport – Chandigarh is the nearest airport, approximately 115kms away.
  • Railhead – Nearest railhead is Kalka.
  • Road Trip – Shimla is 360 km away from Delhi.

Places to visit in Shimla:

  1. Mall Road is the most exciting for tourists to roam around, eat, and enjoy.
  2. Toy Train is awesome fun from Kalka to Shimla.
  3. Tattapani welcomes you for White Water Rafting.
  4. Jakhu Hanuman Temple on the top of a hill can be a small trek.
  5. Viceregal Lodge and Christ Church are some crucial sights that reflect British Architecture.

2. Manali

Manali - Best Summer Destinations in India

Manali is a paradise for love birds.

The snow carpet of Manali is pretty stress-releasing. Experience your vacation in the lap of nature. The fresh airflow with green mountains amidst the snow-covered ranges is the beauty of this place. An evergreen variety of flora and fauna adds immense pleasure to your experience.

Average budget:

Rs 6,000 – 9,000 per person

How to reach Manali:

  • Airport – Nearest airport is Bhuntar, 50 km away from Manali.
  • Railhead – Chandigarh, 291 km from Manali.
  • Road Trip – Manali is 546 km away from Delhi.

Top 10 Summer Destinations to visit in India –  Must visit  places in Manali:

  1. Solang Valley is one of the best places for adventure sports such as paragliding, quad biking, etc.
  2. Trekking at Hampta Pass is a fantastic experience.
  3. Rohtang Pass is a beautiful place if you wish to play with snow among your friends.
  4. Seesighting at Hadimba Temple can also be one of the brilliant choices.
  5. May opt for River Rafting at River Beas.
  6. Enjoy short trips to Kulu, Manikaran Gurudwara, Jogini Falls, Arjuna Gufa, and Bhrigu Lake with your family and friends.
  7. One who prefers camping and trekking will have great fun.

3. Shillong

Must visit Summer Destinations in India - Shillong

Shillong is well-known as the Scotland of the East.

When discussing the gems of the northeast, how can we miss the most precious one? Shillong is the best summer destination to visit in India. The rolling hills of Shillong enlighten your heart with joys untold. The touching clouds leave a feeling of positiveness and enthusiasm in you. The hill station still holds the beauty of colonial charms in its arms. The eye-soothing sight of the landscape is similar to that of Switzerland.

Average budget:

Rs. 8,500- 13,500 per person

How to reach Shillong:

  • Airport – Shillong has its airport
  • Railhead – Guwahati, 100 km from Shillong
  • Road Trip – Kolkata is 1100 km away

Places to visit in Shillong:

  1. Umiam Lake – Boating, Skiing, and Water scooters are popular activities.
  2. Elephant Falls and Nohkalikai Falls are the most relaxing and tempting.
  3. Living Root Bridges are a must-visit.

4. Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji is also one of the place to visit during summers in India

It is the world’s rainiest place on Earth.

Cherrapunji is a fantastic place, especially for rain lovers. It seems that Rain God has a particular concern for the beautiful region. Thus, Cherrapunji is one of the most promising places for a proper summer vacation. Thick clouds and mists cover the whole land, ultimately showering a lot of rain. The cold water springs and many gorgeous waterfalls create a picturesque sight.

Average budget:

Rs 8,500- 13,500 per person

How to reach Cherrapunji:

  • Airport – Nearest Airport is Umroi Airport in Shillong.
  • Railhead – Nearest railhead is Guwahati Railway Station, 181 km away from Cherrapunji.

Places to visit in Cherrapunji:

  1. Double Decker Living Root Bridge is a UNESCO Heritage Site, a must-visit by trekkers.
  2. Seven Sister Waterfalls leaves you spell-bound by its beauty.
  3.  Mawsmai Cave, being a limestone cave, is unique and has many fossils out there.
  4. The immense beauty of heavy rainfall is hard to overlook.

5. Rishikesh

The most beautiful place to visit during summers - Ooty

It is known as the World Capital of Yoga. People visit to find bliss in its yoga retreats and Ashrams.

Rishikesh is a dream place for adventure-loving people. Rishikesh also comes among the top 10 summer destinations to visit in India. Close to Dehradun and Haridwar, it’s famous for adventure activities like river-rafting and bungee jumping. Meanwhile, you may get along with the world of divinity. River Ganga splits its grace at the foothills of the Himalayas.

Average budget:

Rs 7,500 – 10,500 per person

How to reach Rishikesh:

  • Airport – Nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun – 35 km away.
  • Rail Head – Nearest Rail Head is Haridwar.
  • Road trip – Delhi to Rishikesh is 250 km.

Places to visit in Rishikesh:

  1. An immense pleasure of River rafting on the River Ganga.
  2. Body surfing for adventurers.
  3. Fox-flying on wires between two mountains is fun
  4. Visiting temples for the spiritual feeling.
  5. Learning Yoga and its importance.
  6. Indulgent in Ayurveda.
  7. Meditation at the Ashrams.

6. Kodaikanal

Don't miss to visit Kodaikanal during summers

It is popularly known as the princes of Hill Stations.

The great list of top 10 summer destinations to visit in India also holds Kodaikanal as one of the five best sites. The sight of foggy weather with twisted roads takes you to a completely different world. The pleasant breeze and the colorful sunset will revitalize you. The splashing waterfalls during the lake ride will leave a mesmerizing effect on your mind and soul.

Average budget:

Rs. ₹9,500-14,500 per person

How to reach Kodaikanal:

  • Airport: Nearest Airport is in Madurai, 120 km away from Kodaikanal.
  • Rail Head: Nearest railhead is Kodai road, 100 km away.

Places to visit in Kodaikanal:

  1. Bear Shola Falls and Kodaikanal Lake are beautiful locations.
  2. Shenbaganur Museum reminds the history and architecture.
  3. Kurinji Andavar Temple has a glorious statue of Lord Murugan.
  4. Rent a boat for a fantastic experience of the serene lakes.

7. Darjeeling

Visit Darjeeling on Summer vacations

Darjeeling is well-known as the Tea Garden Paradise.

Darjeeling is where the captivating aroma of tea and the scenic panorama leaves you speechless. A lazy walk through the gardens with the waking up of the sun will help you feel the beauty all around. The joyful toy train is a fun ride for all. The peeping sun behind the snow-headed Kanchendzonga Peak is a peaceful view from Tiger Hill.

Average budget:

Rs. ₹8,500-13,500 per person

How to reach Darjeeling:

  • Nearest Airport: Bagdogra, 65 km from Darjeeling
  • Rail Head: Darjeeling has its railway station.
  • Road trip: Kolkata is 165 km away from Darjeeling.

Places to visit in Darjeeling:

  1. Ghoom Monastery is one of the most famous monasteries that is a must-visit.
  2. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park offers you to peep into the wildlife.
  3. The Batasia Loop is one of the favorite tourist places in Darjeeling and deserves an evening tour.

8. Ladakh

Ladakh summer destination place

The beige hills of Ladakh attract you for a perfect summer vacation.

Every biker’s dream is to ride the craggy hellscape. The blue lakes and sky seem like a beautiful masterpiece of a painter. The fantastic people with their culture mingled with fabulous landscapes lead to a superabundance of tourist attractions. Hence, Ladakh is one of the loveliest summer holiday destinations in India.

Average budget:

Rs. ₹11,500-16,500 per person

How to reach Ladakh:

  • Nearest Airport: Leh Airport is well-connected to cities like Delhi.
  • Rail Head: Jammu Tawi Railway Station, about 700 km from Leh city.
  • Road trip: Delhi, 1300 km away, is the closest major city to Ladakh.

Places to visit in Ladakh:

  1. The camel rides through the dunes of Nubra Valley will leave a touching memory.
  2. Bikers with an Enfield get a chance to explore the rocky routes of Ladakh.
  3. The Pangong Tso Lake offers you an experience of sheer serenity.

9. Ooty

The most beautiful place to visit during summers - Ooty

The capital of the Nilgiri district is well known as the ” Queen of Nilgiris.”

Don’t miss visiting Ooty, the top 10 Summer Destinations to visit in India. Back in the 18th century, it had experienced the rule of the East India Company. But the views in the modern day are contrasting and soothing for the eyes and the soul. The shimmering lakes, the lush woodlands, and other borderless natural beauties trace a path for tourists.

Average budget:

Rs. ₹8,000-13,000 per person

How to reach Ooty:

  • Nearest airport: Coimbatore, which is 85 km away from Ooty.
  • Rail Head: Udhagamandalam Railway Station is Ooty’s railway station. 
  • Road trip: Bangalore is the nearest major city from Ooty, 280 km.

Places to visit in Ooty:

  1. A peaceful boat ride on Ooty Lake is memorable.
  2. The sunrise from Doddabetta Peak is enthralling to the eyes.
  3. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Nilgiri Railways, deserves a beautiful scenic ride. 
  4. Botanical Garden.
  5. Avalanche Lake.
  6. Rose Garden and Ooty Toy Train to see the beautiful view.
  7. And don’t miss visiting Pykara Waterfalls.
  8. Visit Dolphin’s nose to enjoy its natural beauty.

10. Nainital

Nainital - Summer Destinations in India

Nainital is commonly known as Lake District.

If you are done with the hustling and bustling of metropolitan cities and want to spend a refreshing vacation, you must hinge towards Nainital. The chilly lakes and charming views of snow-clad mountains will serve the purpose. The city of Naini Lake is the best option for a perfect weekend getaway.

Average budget:

Rs. ₹7,500-10,500 per person

How to reach Nainital:

  • Nearest Airport: Pantnagar Airport, located 60 km away.
  • Nearest railhead: Kathgodam Railway Station, at a distance of 20 km.
  • Road trip: Delhi is the closest major city from Nainital, 300 km away.

Places to visit in Nainital:

  1. The Naina Devi Temple and Raj Bhavan are must-visit.
  2. The stunning views of snow-capped mountains from the snow point by cable car are memorable.
  3. Trek to Tiffin Top may be opted by trekkers.
  4. Boating at Naini Lake, Naukuchiatal, etc.
  5. Girls may love shopping at the Tibetan market.
  6. Nature walks, horse riding, wildlife sightseeing, roller skating, etc., are major attractions.

Our country is well-known for its diversities amidst unity. Along with this fact, it has various landforms with different climatic conditions. Hence, we say, “Incredible India.” We have so many places to visit in our beautiful motherland. 

There is no place for an excuse about the choice to go ahead. Respective of the season, we may choose anyone to freshen up and lead our lives smoothly. So, no matter what, it’s high time to loosen your moods and have a sweet vacation with your loved ones.

” Welcome Summer with ease”

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